Membership Confidentiality Terms

Last modified: November 18th, 2020

Confidentiality Terms

All members of the SkillAcademy community (including coaches, guest speakers, and group members) agree to abide by the duties and obligations in the following terms:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Confidential issues and information (of which all is assumed confidential unless otherwise agreed upon by all involved parties) shared between members of the SkillAcademy community are not to be discussed with or revealed to any other person or organization without the prior permission of all parties involved. This includes but is not limited to issues and information shared: in group sessions and one-to-one coaching calls; and via any SkillAcademy platform, web platform, or SkillAcademy community interactions.

Access Credentials and Security

Access to the SkillAcademy platform and the information contained therein is to be protected at all times and users must take all necessary safeguards to secure their personal username and password information. Do not share your password with anyone else. If you believe your password may have been lost or stolen please contact the SkillAcademy Support team at

Communicating with Group Members

Issues raised within the SkillAcademy community are often confidential and are not considered or assumed to be “common knowledge”. When contacting a SkillAcademy member about any such issue, please use due respect and appreciation of the subject matter.

Agreement not to Solicit

All users of the SkillAcademy platform agree that the e-mail addresses and other contact information contained within the SkillAcademy platform will not be used for solicitation of business by any member of the SkillAcademy community (including members, coaches, speakers, and SkillAcademy team members). This information may not be used to compile marketing or contact lists of any kind.

Agreement not to Compete

All members of the SkillAcademy community agree not to use any non-public information posted on the platform or shared within the SkillAcademy community to directly or indirectly, either individually or with others, compete with; solicit customers, employees or business away from; or otherwise cause economic loss to, any other member of the SkillAcademy community.


Despite commercially reasonable efforts to ensure confidentiality and security, no site can be guaranteed to be secure 100% of the time. Use caution with all of your Internet activity and transactions.

Although members agree to hold in full confidentiality anything discussed in their group meetings and during one-on-one conversations, this agreement is not binding on third parties or in a court of law. Members could be compelled to testify on matters discussed in SkillAcademy classes, and SkillAcademy may be required to disclose information or materials pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, orders, subpoenas or other processes of law. Therefore, members should generally exercise caution when discussing anything in a SkillAcademy meeting or website posting that a member would not want disclosed in any legal proceeding. We recommend that discussions of issues containing potentially confidential or sensitive information not take place on the SkillAcademy web platform if the participants wish to keep such discussions privileged. Furthermore, members of publicly traded companies should seek the advice of their corporate counsel regarding disclosure of any material, non-public information in light of applicable securities laws and regulations.

You acknowledge that SkillAcademy cannot control, monitor or be responsible for the conduct of members, and that disputes or claims arising out of violations of this Pledge shall remain between the disputing parties without liability to SkillAcademy.