SkillAcademy for Coaches FAQ

How do I get started with SkillAcademy?

Once you have submitted your payment and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, one of our Customer Experience Associates will reach out to you to begin setting up your custom landing page. Once you have set up your landing page and deciding on a price for membership in your SkillAcademy group, you are all set up.

What does my SkillAcademy monthly fee include?

In addition to your custom SkillAcademy group, your monthly fee also includes admittance to the SkillAcademy for Coaches group through which you can learn from and share best practices with other SkillAcademy coaches.

Can other coaches access my IP or my customized SkillAcademy if they have not a client in my group?

No, only you and users who are paid members of your group can access your IP.

Is there a practical limit to the number of members I can have in each of my groups?

We typically suggest a maximum of about 12 members per group. If you have more than that, we recommend chunking it down further (e.g. one large group of 24 would become two groups of 12).

If I end my relationship with SkillAcademy, will my IP be deleted?

Yes, the language in the agreement guarantees that once your relationship with SkillAcademy has been terminated, your IP will be deleted.

Can I mix SkillAcademy’s default competencies with my own?

Yes, you are welcome to select any of our default competencies as well as add your own custom competencies.

Can I add to or modify my SkillAcademy at any time?

Yes, you can add to or modify your page at any point for no additional charge