Join us in the HR Career Booster Peer Advisory Group

Leading in uncertain times is hard. The HR Career Booster Peer Advisory Group is here to make it easier by giving you access to world class content, a first of its kind best practice sharing network, and monthly live workshops that help busy HR Pros become the leaders their organizations want to follow, promote, and highly compensate.

This peer advisory group is purpose built for HR Pros who want to get to the top of the “to be promoted” list by excelling at:

Clarifying your strategic intentions so that you always know what matters most

Communicating effectively to achieve your desired outcomes

Prioritizing your time and energy so you get the most important things done

Running amazingly effective meetings that advance your work and career 

Delegating so you focus on your priorities and develop your staff

Reducing or even eliminating conflict to make work easier for everyone

Creating conditions of accountability so your teams deliver needed results

Measuring and improving client partnership to become a trusted advisor

Making performance management a series of easy conversations

Engaging your business partners to set and keep priorities

and dozens of additional challenges that most HR Pros and leaders face every day, so that you maximize the value of your contribution and your career.

Sana’ you never cease to amaze me. When I am stuck in my business I know you are the best go-to to get my creative juices flowing. In fact, you have helped me make money in my business doing things I never thought about. I'll be sending my biz friends your way.

Tara, Relationship Coach

Led by Sana’ Rasul of HR Girlfriends & The Career Help Desk

I help busy HR professionals become the leaders their organizations want to follow, promote, and highly compensate.

I have a track record of helping HR Pros progress in their careers quickly by creating structures, processes and tools that turn soft skills into hard skills.

These tools and techniques have been proven successful by the career progression of a countless number clients at over 70 companies, including: Discovery Channel, Brown University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and NBC Universal.

I had been following Sana on social media since the start of HR Girlfriends. Our chance meeting at an HR conference was right on time. Our conversation about my job woes went from frustration to hope. Sana' not only served as a mentor in my exit from corporate America but she coached me through the start of my HR consulting business. Sana' is so talented and I love the way she thinks.

Rene, HR Consultant & Coach

Learn from your peers in our best practice
sharing network

As we all learn to lead in this “new normal,” best practice sharing has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have” very quickly.

You’ll be invited to create and document your own Personal Practice across the 8 competencies of the HR Career Booster model, so that when one of us gets better, we can all get better.

Get feedback from your
peers in our live monthly
Group Coaching sessions

As you continue your growth journey throughout the year, you’ll have opportunities to connect with your peers in our monthly live group coaching calls.

On each call, Sana’ will present 10-15 minutes of best practice coaching with the rest of the time being spent on interaction with Sana’ and with each other, to maximize your leadership skills and performance quickly and simply.

Effective leadership is a journey. This peer advisory group is your proven map, and Sana’ is your experienced guide.