Join us in the Thriving Mayor Peer Advisory Group

Skill Academy is the on-line resource for a community of mayors interested in self-development, leadership and legacy design.

Mayors can join Skill Academy, tailor learning and growth exactly as needed and progress along at your own pace using a personalized dashboard. Content is provided in partnership with, an amazing resource for business book summaries on leadership, marketing, sales, personal development and more.

As you continue along your growth journey you’ll have opportunities to connect with Michael and other mayors in our live, 3-step Skill Class calls. On each Skill Class call, Michael will present 10-15 minutes of best practice coaching with the rest of the time being spent collaborating.
Step #1: Join a call and watch a video summary of a best-selling book.
Step #2: Create and commit to an ActionPlan to solve a current challenge.
Step #3: Join a breakout room, collaborate and get feedback on your ActionPlan.

This Peer Advisory Group is purpose built for
Mayors who want to thrive... personally & professionally

Clarify the direction you truly want to go in your municipal leadership as Mayor

Clarify a strategy to overcome challenges that may block you from achieving your goals

Clarify ways to bolster your influence as the central leadership figure in your community

Clarify tactics you can use that leverage your unique wisdom and strengths

Clarify and implement your personal practice pathway to well-being, wisdom and wonder

In addition to the academy content, each mayor will also get access to the library of over 250 books

All this interaction will help each mayor to:

  • Share burning questions, issues and opportunities
  • Get targeted input on how to address specific challenges
  • Practice skills and new competencies
  • Design their living and lasting legacy

Most importantly, we’ll leverage your full potential, have fun and thrive!

and dozens of additional challenges that most mayors and leaders face every day so that you maximize the value of your contribution and your career. 

I found and its Action Class hugely helpful is shifting through a large number of business and leadership development that is floating out on the internet.  I love reading and often struggle to convert those nuggets of insights into concrete repeatable actions with a consistency that creates habits.  I engage in dynamic conversations with other professionals in the Action Classes.  The Action classes forced me to prioritize my goals and create action plans - what I should do the next week not three months from now and created a sense of accountability.

Arun Andhavarapu

Led by Michael Hubicki
introducing places & people to their potential

I’m Michael Hubicki, a life long learner, steward of our landscapes, city builder and coach to game changers.

After 31 years designing public realm and infrastructure projects for cities and towns I retired from corporate consulting. Along the way I also discovered my passion for coaching and teaching.  My heart told me to promote stewardship, the care for oneself, one’s community and our planet. I chose to serve Mayors and help them thrive.

Mayors are the super heroes we have elected to lead the creation of thriving communities! Mayors are our best hope to lead the evolution of our townscapes, cityscapes and the services they provide in sustaining the highest quality of living for all. Mayors are my ideal partner to create massive value and make meaningful, equitable and lasting change.

Thriving Mayor is the culmination of my personal journey to answer my big why and at the same time the laser focus of my true calling.  I am here to help improve the quality of living for as many people as possible. My calling is to teach, mentor, consult, coach and steward myself others to care for myself, our communities and our planet. In short to thrive.

I have found the Action Class to be very beneficial! It combines my love of reading with my desire to learn and grow. Rather than just consuming information from a great professional or personal development book, the Action Class has provided the opportunity for me to identify my goals and create action plans and steps to complete them. The accountability component, the documentation of my goals, and progress towards developing a Personal Practice are a great combination for actual implementation and progress.

Lori P., McHenry County Board Member

Learn from your peers in our best practice
sharing network

As we all learn to lead in this “new normal,” best practice sharing has moved from a “nice to have” to a “must have” very quickly.

You’ll be invited to create and document your own Personal Practice across the 12 aspects of a thriving life, so that when one of us gets better, we can all get better. You may set goals and journal your growth in health, fitness, career, material, financial, character, intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, creative and legacy.

Looking to grow your skills? Welcome to the future of training. Go past consuming information and starting putting learning into action.

  • Measure your growth
  • Learn from other mayors
  • Master leadership and personal development skills
  • Get personalized support

By using the tools to plan, track, measure and evaluate your progress, you'll implement successful plan quickly and accelerate improvements in all areas of your life.

"SkillAcademy’s ActionClasses have revolutionized the way I coach and engage personal and leadership development. The content is great, but the real value comes from the experiences and insights shared by your peers in the breakout sessions, along with actionable to-dos to help you reach your goals. Michael’s leadership and facilitation of these classes will take your personal growth to a whole new level!"

Bart Justice

Get feedback from your peers in our live weekly Group Coaching sessions

As you continue your growth journey throughout the year, you’ll have opportunities to connect with your peers in our weekly live group coaching calls.

On each call, Michael will present 10-15 minutes of best practice coaching with the rest of the time being spent on interaction with Michael and with each other, to maximize your leadership skills and performance quickly and simply. 

Effective leadership is a journey. This peer advisory group is your proven map, and Michael is your experienced guide.